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Do you need shirts for a corporate event?  Polos for your tradeshow?  Stylish uniforms for your sports team?  Hats for a golf tournament?

Embroidery Littleton

Embroidery Experts

Imagine your logo or design on virtually any type of garment, bag, towel, hat, blanket or jacket – Imprints Littleton can deliver!  Choose from any of our national name brand products and/or bring in your own items to have them professionally embroidered with quick turnaround and attention to detail.  With our expert digitizing service, we can take your design ideas and turn them into beautiful embroidered items. No project is too small – we will professionally embroider your design whether you need ONE item or THOUSANDS!

Our embroidery department is state of the art, with multi-head computerized machines that can handle up to 12 colors.  You can think of an embroidery machine as a printer that uses thread instead of ink or toner.  Designs can come to life just by changing thread colors. Our embroidery machines read an electronic file containing your design and “sew” it on your item.  As you can imagine, embroidery machines cannot just read any computer file.  Logos must be “digitized” or converted into an electronic format which the machines can read.  This process is done through software and an artist re-creating the artwork to represent the original artwork.  There is generally a setup charge associated with this process, but it is usually a minimal one time cost.